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Museum Inspiration for the Holidays

What is better than a visit to see Art at a museum, get away from the daily routine and be inspired. Especially during the upcoming Holiday season it is a treat!

The way these pieces of art are framed  is very much how we frame your art too. Contemporary, clean and always in mind to preserve for generations to come. 

Here are some we saw in a recent exhibition at the Whitney Museum in Manhatten: Artists Stella, Hopper and Porter.

Underglass Custom Framing San Francisco insp-1.jpg
Underglass Custom Framing San Francisco insp-3.jpg

We're not afraid of big pieces! We love the challenge, if it'll fit through the door we'll frame it and if it won't we'll figure something out!#customframing #sanfrancisco #california#oversize #locustsongs

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 6.38.40 PM.png

Just finished stretching this 7'x10' piece by local artist Locust Songs! #customframing #sanfrancisco#california #oversize #canvas

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