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Feeling spooky framing this crow!

Halloween is coming up and this crow from our friends at Creativity Explored here in the heart of San Francisco has us feeling spooky!!

For this outstanding watercolor painting we designed a custom frame consisting of a thin black frame with silver accents for a bit of shine and some matting with a black bevel for some contrast!

underglass framing san franicisco-1.jpg

Classic Picture Framing with a modern twist

We frame so many different pieces of art here at our shops in San Francisco and each photo, painting, canvas or object gets a frame that will be a good housing for the piece itself and also fit the clients taste and needs. 

For these three images we wanted to show you how a classic frame design can be adjusted for a modern appeal:

The first image of an antique black and white photograph is framed in an ornate  carved Art deco frame inside a distressed wood frame to keep with the antique feel while maintaining a modern line. 

underglass framing san franicisco-2.jpg

The watercolor painting of the koi fish is floated on a clean, light silk mat in a thin hand rubbed maple frame to show off the movement in the paper and keep it modern.

underglass framing san franicisco-1.jpg

We love dogs! For this fun take on a classic still life we used an ornate gold frame with a matching fillet inside the fabric mat. 

underglass framing san franicisco-3.jpg

Watercolor paintings from Burma

Look at this amazing work from Burma! 

These watercolor pieces have amazing detail so we used a thin walnut frame and a double thick mat to give them a clean look. Framed right here in San Francisco with solid wood from our friends in Colorado!

This is what we love about custom picture framing: They are made to last for generations to come, the watercolor is preserved and all that with a beautiful contemporary classic design!



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